When you are planning your engagement or lifestyle photo shoot it’s always a good idea to think about what (or not) to wear.   This however is not compulsory.  If you don’t have the clothes, the time, or money to following these ideas, or have any other reason not to use them, don’t worry.  It’s not the end of the world, we shall have fun anyway!

The Basics!

Aim to be coordinated with one another, not matchy-matchy!

When we take photos we want to have a photo that doesn’t have any distractions, so keeping the clothes everyone wears coordinated is a good starting point.  Having one person in Yellow and everyone else is in autumn colours might be fun for the person in Yellow, but unless the shoot is all about them you should aim to compliment one another.  In the same way avoid matching clothes, i.e. the same colour shorts, or trousers, well unless you are looking for that corporate look?

Choose a theme

It’s a good place to start and allows everyone to build on an idea.  Maybe it’s flowers, so one person has a shirt with a gentle floral print, another has black buttons on a yellow coat, another had a brooch with a bunch of sunflowers, and the baby has a little outfit with a daisy on it.  If you like you could all dress in the style of Star Wars, but maybe that’s a little too far for now!

Attention to detail can be good, so think about the style of clothes, if it’s a group of ladies, choosing similar length skirts for example, or maybe everyone has casual trousers on, but one has formal trousers, little things like this can cause the attention to wander to the difference in the photo, not the group as a whole.

Be individual

Choose clothes that please you, make you feel good and above all comfortable to be relaxed when we get together.

Think about how the clothes make you look – very tight clothes can create weird and wonderful bumps and lumps where there are none.  On the other hand baggy clothes can made you look boxy and  give you no shape at all.  So pick something that gives you some shape, whatever shape or size you are, it’s about capturing you as you!

New Clothes

Lifestyle photography shoots are about capturing you feeling comfortable.  Buying new clothes for the shoot is never a good idea, well unless it’s a model shoot, as most people don’t feel comfortable in them, and ultimately that’s what we are looking for.  Aim to have clothes cleaned, washed, etc. and worn a few times so that you feel comfortable in them.  This also applies to shoes – if you don’t wear high heels most of the time and find them difficult to wear, then don’t try to on the day of the shoot.   Basically be comfortable, not fashionable.


Once you have your clothes chosen them consider adding a little something such as a scarf or brooch, hat or hair band etc.  Maybe everyone has a little badge/theme that symbolises something close to their hearts. Introducing flashes of colour can be lovely, without being too over the top.

Personal hygiene

I hate to say it but the camera captures a lot of detail, especially when getting close to the subject.  So on the day of the shoot make sure everyone has taken time to clean their hair, brushed down their clothes from dandruff, and teeth are clean.

Hair and makeup

It doesn’t hurt to take a little extra time to make sure one’s hair is styled nicely.  It doesn’t mean going to the salon beforehand, just make sure it’s looking its best in the way you do it every day.

When putting your makeup on try to make sure it’s applied sensibly,  less is usually more.

Most of just have fun!



If you have any other suggestions please let me know?