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Congratulations, you’re getting married! Welcome to my website, I hope you find out a little more about me and what I can do to make your wedding day photography a relaxed and informal part of your special day.

The big question is – Why do you need a wedding photographer?  Surely everyone has a mobile phone or digital camera and can upload the images to Facebook that will give you coverage of the day that you want?  I expect that is right, until you compare it to your friends professional photos in years to come, and then regret not having someone dedicated to documenting the story of your special day as it unfolds, in a discreet and respectful way.

Once your wedding day is over you will be left with some amazing memories.  If you are anything like me, those memories fade over time and photographs are a great way to bring memories flooding back, helping you to recall some of the forgotten details of the day.

Make the right choice

When you choose a photographer, it’s not just about choosing someone who takes a few pictures. It’s choosing the right photographer who will capture those moments for you to savour for the rest of your lives. So why compromise?

Whether you want a traditional wedding photographer to shoot those key moments,  or a discrete documentary storybook of your day, we can provide a wide range of wedding photo services that will suit your desires.  If you don’t see it on the website, just ask!

We do what you want

We won’t dictate the shots you need, we know what most people like, but I expect you are here because you are not most people!  We listen to what you would like and help guide you to choose the images from your day, photos that you’ll want to preserve for a lifetime.

Our style is to stay in the background wherever possible. We called ourselves the Gentleman Photographer for a reason; we pride ourselves in being respectful, gracious and considerate to you, your guests and everyone involved with your day. If we need to take control, don’t worry, we can, but our style is to let the day be all about you!

Despite offering a bespoke range of services our basic price list give you a starting point to work from.  We can offer different kinds of albums, additional photographers, photo booths, you name it, we can either provide it or have worked with someone who can.

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Serious about your wedding?

When we attend your wedding we have enough kit to double most scenarios, so rest assured if one of our professional grade cameras fails to function we have a second or third on standby to take its place.  The same for the lenses we use.   So if something breaks we can make a quick change and we are back up and running!  We are serious about our job, it’s our passion.  We expect you are also as serious about your wedding and want to ensure you have your day recorded in a way that evokes special memories.  If that’s the case you’d best talk to us!

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