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Raymond Taylor - the Gentleman PhotographerRaymond Taylor – Photographer

Hi, I’m Raymond Taylor, and I’m a Photographer based in Norwich.  With a camera always being close at hand, my lifelong passion has been to capture the world around me.  In 2012 the I decided to change my work/life balance tipping it from IT to photography and now I’m known as the Gentleman Photographer.

I find it difficult to say but I have been told I’m a creative, caring, guy. I’m always looking for ways to improve and enhance the world around me, be it by making people smile or finding a logical fix to a problem I’ve come across.  With over 20 years working as an IT Professional my passion has been to help people understand the technology they use, in a gentle, respectful, well mannered way.  Hence why when I set up my IT Business in 2004 its strapline became “Where Technology’s made simple.”  What that really means is I seem to have the knack of helping people feel at ease, in many situations, and help them to achieve things there never expected to be able to do!

My style is to put my clients at ease, allow them to feel comfortable being the centre of attention, not an easy thing for most people.  I aim to  capture images from an observer’s point of view, in a documentary style, but more than happy to be as formal as required, ultimately I’m easy, as long as my clients feel comfortable and cared for.  This is something I pride myself in as my default setting is that of a gentleman…  Not to say I can’t command an audience when needed, it’s all a matter of the right attitude at the right time.

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